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“Midsummer’s Night”

Midsummer’s Night is a bathroom vanity inspired by the 400 yr old fallen English Oak of which she is made of. Takes us back to Shakespearean times where twists and turns such as these grains were part of life.

42” long, 18” deep on left and 20 “ deep on right

tigermaplebench (1).jpg

"Smokey Tigress Bench”

Her name is inspired by her amazing stripes, grain patterns and her smokey running river. Her wood is of the red maple family harvested in northwestern Rhode Island.



Seaglass is inspired by those lazy summer days hunting our shores for those sparkling treasures. She is comprised of white washed Ponderosa Pine adding to the feel of old Cape Cod.


“Mackinaw Blue Ice”

The cool blue tones of Mackinaw Blue Ice takes us to the frozen straights of Mackinac Michigan during her frigid winters. She is made from gorgeous black cherry crotch wood harvested from Westport MA.

24” x 24”

Amethyst Aura.JPG

“Amethyst Aura”

Amethyst Aura was inspired by its very namesake, amethyst quartz. It was believed by the ancient Greeks that this stone would prevent intoxication. What better for your pub? Her wood is red oak, harvested in Westport, MA.

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